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Engaging consumers—the end users of the health care system—in efforts to improve health and ... activities to engage consumers in their own health, efforts to improve direct care, and program planning and ... element of multi-stakeholder efforts to improve care. Although a number Alliances identify consumer ...

May 14,2015

Cost Measures

example, some health plans and providers view their costs or prices as proprietary, and therefore are not willing to make this information publically available. Technical issues, such as provider or patient ... data : The cost or price of care can mean different things to different people, and the phrase used to ...

May 14,2015

Bringing Farm-Fresh Foods to an Urban Community Fighting Obesity

illnesses, and reducing health care expenses. The medical care costs for obesity are about $147 billion in ... obesity and related health conditions.   A Public Health Epidemic   Obesity is one of the top public health threats in the United States and a high priority for the Robert Wood ...

Dec 19,2012

Opening Plenary: Harnessing the Science of Persuasion

sources of honest health care information. But what if an Alliance is working with someone for the first ... featured in the  Harvard Business Review special issue on influence, which is provided as a gift to all ...

Oct 02,2013

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