Sixty percent of Memphis is African American. If you are an African American and live in Memphis, you are three to five times more likely to have your leg amputated due to complications from diabetes than if you are white. On average, African American patients are hospitalized for a heart attack nine years earlier than white patients and are hospitalized for heart failure 15 years earlier. These startling health inequalities and more are contained in Healthy Memphis Common Table’s (HMCT)...

In May 2011, Healthy Memphis Common Table released its Take Charge - Health Equity Report -- the first of its kind in the region. The fourth release in HMCT Take Charge for Better Health Series it shares statistics from County Health Rankings and discusses the need for care equity by examining clinical care and outcomes in Memphis and Shelby County. The report was handed out at Healthy Memphis Common Table's annual meeting.

Ashland Community Hospital in Oregon, part of the AF4Q Hospital Quality Network Improving Language Services program, improved rates for screening preferred spoken language and preferred written language from 1.4% to 100%. This vast improvement occurred between October 2010 and May 2011. Improvement is attributed to standardizing the collection of self-reported language data from patients during the registration process as part of the Hospital Quality Network requirements.