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Looking for a new doctor? If you live in Massachusetts, it’s easier than ever with The new consumer-friendly website makes it simple for patients and their families to compare and select a primary care doctor’s office based on quality and patient experience survey ratings. By empowering health care consumers with transparent information about providers, patients are better able to make important decisions about their own care.

Is it possible to improve health care quality and reduce costs? The Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative in Greater Boston, operated by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP), says the answer is yes—and the Alliance has identified a key starting point.
“An important aspect of improving the quality of Massachusetts’s health care system is to reduce unnecessary care, and one way to do that is to better understand unexplained variations,” said Janice Singer, vice president of programs and...

Quality Field Notes features key lessons learned by regional alliances of clinicians, patients, and payers in Aligning Forces for Quality communities as they work to transform local health care and provide models for national reform. The third topic in this series focuses on how engaged patients can lead to improved health and health care. Patients without the skills to manage their...

The Aligning Forces for Quality initiative in Greater Boston is operated by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) and is governed by a Leadership Team including over 35 Greater Boston-area organizations and stakeholder representatives. MHQP is a nonprofit, broad-based coalition that has been collecting and reporting on health care quality information for providers and the public since 1995. 

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