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Quality Field Notes features key lessons learned by regional Alliances of clinicians, patients, and payers in Aligning Forces for Quality communities as they work to transform local health care and provide models for national reform. The latest topic in this series focuses on improving equity in health care. In 2009, the excess health care costs associated with disparities were estimated at $60 billion. A review of health quality data shows race and ethnicity continue to impact a patient...
The expansion of Medicaid in Ohio was far from certain on February 5, 2013, when CMS granted a waiver that enabled Ohio to move up to 30,000 uninsured adults living in Cuyahoga County into a new health care coverage program called Care Plus. Three safety-net members of Better Health Greater Cleveland viewed the waiver as a testing ground for hoped-for statewide Medicaid expansion, which Ohio’s Governor Kasich ultimately approved in October.
The anchor organization for Care Plus was the county-owned MetroHealth System, Ohio...

When Aligning Forces for Quality grantee Better Health Greater Cleveland began publicly releasing information on the quality of local health care five years ago, leaders wanted to avoid the competition that derailed a similar effort decades ago. This time around, participating medical groups put a premium on cooperating to improve care for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure patients. Today, Cleveland hospitals and medical practices document quality gaps and gains together, and share and celebrate successful interventions.

Journalist Bruce Japsen examines how Better...

Cleveland Aligning Forces for Quality (Cleveland AF4Q) is led by Better Health Greater Cleveland, an alliance of  providers, patients, purchasers, and health plans.   Established in 2007, the mission of the nonprofit collaborative is to improve the health and value of health care provided to people with chronic medical conditions in Northeast Ohio. Through its growing number of clinical partners, Better Health reaches more than 70% of the chronically ill in Cuyahoga County.

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