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If communities can create a focus around information sharing, about patients and with patients, Craig Brammer believes we can radically improve health and the way patients navigate health care. Part of that is getting people in a room to talk about things they don’t agree on. How do you give people a nudge to do this? In Cincinnati, they use data as a “magnet” to pull people together. Part of it is extending a low-risk opportunity to participate. “We learn together and give ourselves an opportunity to improve.” Brammer knows firsthand the importance of...

The Cincinnati Alliance was recently recognized for its work on end-of-life wishes in the Journal-News. Cincinnati’s Advance Care Planning Coalition is a team of both hospital and non-acute providers working together to better identify patients’ end-of-life care wishes and transmit that information from one care setting to the next. 
Through the coalition, a social worker and clinical nurse specialist from the hospital will undergo training—facilitated by Hospice of Cincinnati—on how to become comfortable talking...
New data from the Cincinnati Alliance shows that diabetes management in the region has greatly improved since 2010. Thirty-five percent of patients with diabetes in the greater Cincinnati area are now in control of their disease, as compared to 29 percent in the previous reporting period. The six percentage-point change means 3,600 more Greater Cincinnati diabetes patients are managing their condition to optimal results. The measure looks at blood pressure, cholesterol, A1C, smoking, and daily aspirin use goals. Patients who achieve all five diabetes goals are...

Cincinnati Aligning Forces for Quality (Cincinnati AF4Q) is led by the Health Collaborative. Established in 1992, the Health Collaborative is a diverse coalition of health care stakeholders representing the hospital, physician, employer, insurer, government, education and consumer sectors. Its mission is to stimulate significant and measurable improvement in the health status of the people in Greater Cincinnati through collaborative leadership.


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