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Opportunities for Medicaid Inclusion in Performance Measurement and Public Reporting (Issue Brief)

Apr (Measurement & Reporting) ... public reports of performance. Public ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Cleveland: Using Data to Improve Blood Pressure Control in African American Patients in Northeast Ohio

(Measurement & Reporting) ...

May 06,2013

Resource Type: Bright Spot

Lessons Learned About Measuring and Reporting Physician Performance

(Measurement & Reporting) ... Johnson Foundation’s signature effort to lift the quality of care in America. Public reporting is a ... information that go into public reports of quality performance data. Improving quality and reducing costs ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

Reporting Cost and Resource Use Measures to Consumers: A Primer

-None- (Cost & Efficiency) ... partners: Understand and explain why your Alliance is choosing to report cost and resource use measures to consumers in your community. Recognize and address some of the challenges involved in ...

Jan 10,2012


Summary of Alliance Use of Composite Measures

(Measurement & Reporting) ... memo presents an overview of how clinical composite measures are currently being used by Aligning Forces Alliances and highlights important issues to consider when deciding to report aggregate measures ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: How-to

Communicating with Physicians about Performance Measurement

(Measurement & Reporting) ... report contains a compilation of findings, including tested messages, based on research conducted for the ... performance measurement. Public ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: How-to

Healthcare Payment Reform & Future State? What’s Working Today? What Does the Future Hold?

accompanying report here .  For more information, visit the Health Affairs blog . ...

Jun 20,2014

Resource Type: Presentation

Composite Measures: A New Gold Standard in Diabetes Care

28 (Measurement & Reporting) ... diabetes composite measures into their public reporting structures are already experiencing success in both ...

Feb 28,2014

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Patient Experience Reporting on

Mar (Measurement & Reporting) ... Reporting Patient Experiences with Physicians.  The presentation covers the purpose and history of the Maine Health Management Coalition's public reporting efforts, an overview of the current GetBetterMaine ...

Mar 05,2014

Resource Type: Presentation

How to Report Cost Data to Promote High Quality, Affordable Choices: Findings from Consumer Testing

(Consumer Engagement, Cost & Efficiency, Measurement & Reporting, Communications) ... consumers in their communities to learn how to display and describe cost and quality data. This report presents guidelines for public reporting of cost and quality information in an effective, relevant, and ...

Mar 12,2014

Resource Type: How-to

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