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We Ask Because We Care: Blue Tent Card Spanish

(Equity, Hospital Care, Improving Language Services) ... to let patients know that they will be asked for their race, ethnicity and language during ...

Oct 24,2011

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

Partnering with Patients and Families in Improvement: Roles to Consider

27 (Consumer Engagement, Hospital Care, Patient-Centered Care, Improving Language Services, Increasing Throughput, Reducing Readmissions) ... and families in quality improvement. Hospital Quality ...

Dec 13,2011

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Interpreting the Bottom Line: The Case for Language Services from the C-Suite

(Language Services) ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

About the AF4Q Hospital Quality Network

(Hospital Care, Improving Language Services, Increasing Throughput, Reducing Readmissions) ... To improve quality locally, 117 forward-thinking hospitals are participating in ... levels within a hospital to improve the quality and safety of patient care, identify potential ...

Sep 14,2011


Addressing Language Barriers in Health Care, Asks "What's at Stake?

(Language Services) ... providers. Content details the impact of health care processes when language barriers are not addressed. ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Primer/Brief

Practice Improvement Support Service Agreement

service review. Essential Elements of a Practice Coaching ...

Apr 03,2012

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

MMC PHO Practice Improvement Support Service Agreement

The MMC Physician Hospital Organization's Service Agreement (SA) used by the Maine Alliance for negotiating an agreement between the practice coach and a practice. This agreement highlights how the organization works, what can be expected of it as a coach, and what it expects from a ...

Feb 22,2013


AF4Q Race, Ethnicity, and Language (R/E/L) Training

desk or registration staff to: Understand the role of R/E/L data and quality improvement ... Collection of standardized patient race, ethnicity and language (R/E/L) data; Analysis of performance measures stratified by R/E/L; and Identification and evaluation of quality improvement ...

Oct 14,2011

Resource Type: Presentation

Can Measuring Physician Performance Improve Health Care Quality?

required the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to expand its Physician Directory tool. CMS ... also provides information on whether doctors have foreign language proficiencies, if they accept ... physicians to improve their practice patterns and the quality of care they provide. The Wisconsin ...

Oct 01,2013

Resource Type: Article/Commentary/Opinion

Envisioning Your Ideal Clinic (or Patient Experience, Service, Program): A Team Exercise

together prior to starting a formal quality improvement team to develop and design a new program, create a Patient-Centered Medical Home, or redesign current services. Public ...

May 12,2015

Resource Type: Tool/Utility

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