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Massachusetts: Statewide Initiatives Using PCMH to Transform Care in the Safety Net

Massachusetts, increasing provider dissatisfaction was exacerbating an already critical primary care workforce ... pronounced in community health clinics (CHCs) that are committed to delivering primary care to a low-income, ... care with limited resources for populations with complex social, behavioral, and economic issues. ...

May 21,2012

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Lessons Learned: Engaging Employers in Health Care

hospitals and health plans in their communities to improve care for their employees at a manageable cost. In short, employers can be a key change agent to improve health care quality—but only if motivated and ... Employers have great—if, to date, underutilized—market leverage in buying health care, and often can ...

Apr 05,2012

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REL Collection Compliance Report

(Hospital Care, Reducing Readmissions) ...

Nov 04,2011

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Can Measuring Physician Performance Improve Health Care Quality?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 ("the health care reform law") ... Wood Johnson Foundation highlights examples of public reporting websites that have caused hospitals and physicians to improve their practice patterns and the quality of care they provide. The Wisconsin ...

Oct 01,2013

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Inpatient Blood Glucose Control Before and After Implementation of an Insulin Order Set to the Electronic Medical Record

(Hospital Care, Health Information Technology (HIT)) ... using electronic health records for insulin order sets could improve glycemic control among hospitalized ...

Jun 22,2012

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Minnesota: Red, Yellow, Green: Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Imaging

-None- (here) (Hospital Care) ... is a large contributing factor in the meteoric rise in health care costs. Read more about this ...

May 21,2012

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Albuquerque: Community Outreach Exceeds Expectations

May (Consumer Engagement, Hospital Care) ... print advertising to launch a public information campaign about how to get the right care at the right ... warranted a visit to an emergency department (ED) or an urgent care facility, clearly struck a chord with ...

May 21,2012

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Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety, Bright Spot

Bright Spot   Learn about the success of University of Pennsylvania Health System in regards to preventing hospital ... (brennan upenn, brennan upenn) (Care Across Settings, Reducing Readmissions) ...

Nov 22,2011

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MMC PHO Practice Improvement Support Service Agreement

The MMC Physician Hospital Organization's Service Agreement (SA) used by the Maine Alliance for negotiating an agreement between the practice coach and a practice. This agreement ... (Ambulatory Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

Feb 22,2013


Lessons Learned About Measuring and Reporting Physician Performance

care. Doctors and hospitals need information about their own performance to identify areas for ... Johnson Foundation’s signature effort to lift the quality of care in America. Public reporting is a ... of health care in order to benefit those who get, give and pay for care requires publicly reporting ...

Aug 01,2011

Resource Type: Lessons Learned

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