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Labor-Management Groups Drive Delivery System Redesign

Cost & Efficiency Consumer Engagement Cost & Efficiency ... cost-effective providers MHMC identified. But MHMC encountered three problems: getting people to use ...

May 23,2012

Methods: An Overview

The term return on investment (ROI) is used broadly and encompasses ROI, cost-benefit, and cost-effectiveness analyses. While each type of analysis is slightly different, the overall methods are similar. ... different types of analyses and terminology In general, ROI, cost-benefit, and cost ...

May 14,2015

Showing Impact

information on quality and cost, and initial efforts focused on building capacity for data collection, ... initiatives, nor did they have a direct impact on employers’ healthcare costs. Once information on healthcare quality, cost, and utilization was available, Alliances began looking to employers to support ...

May 14,2015

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Statewide Practice Improvement

Cost & Efficiency ... members of the MPIN to share effort, cost, resources, and learning related to office practice redesign, ... (Cost & Efficiency, Patient-Centered Care, Practice-based Coaching) ...

May 23,2012

Dimensions of Value: A Look at Resource Utilization in Puget Sound

Cost & Efficiency Fri, 2011-09-02 (All day) The Puget Sound Health Alliance released its ... here . (Cost & Efficiency) ...

Sep 02,2011

The Building Blocks for Value

Cost & Efficiency ... out if, say, a Toyota costs more than a comparable Chrysler. In fact, a small amount of research can ... you will have to pay, you’re likely out of luck. Health care costs in America are such a mystery that ...

Jan 03,2013

Using Transparency to Encourage Accountability

Measurement & Reporting Cost & Efficiency ... (Cost & Efficiency, Measurement & Reporting, Communications) ...

May 23,2012

A Model for the Rest of Us: Using Quality Measurement to Promote Value

hospitals. In 2011, the MHMC is adding a cost measure for hospitals, and some of the plan sponsors are using the quality and cost measures to group hospitals based on value for use in the benefit design incentives. This program is designed to enhance the health of a community while simultaneously reducing cost ...

Sep 02,2011

to seek care from the high quality, cost-effective providers MHMC identified. But MHMC encountered ... offering a business case for providers to improve quality or cost. The State Employee Health ... years helping educate SEHC members on the quality and cost problems they faced and built a group eager to ...

May 21,2012

Red, Yellow, Green: Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Imaging

Cost & Efficiency Wed, 2012-05-23 Millions of Americans undergo costly and often ... health care costs. HTDI use has been increasing at 15 percent to 20 percent annually—twice the rate ...

May 23,2012

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