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April | 2013

patients in improving ambulatory care improves provider-patient communication, identifies and avoids ...

Apr 01,2013

Closing the Loop on Care Transitions

communication between hospitals and primary care physicians.” Download Full Brochure (Care ...

May 09,2013

June | 2013

communication,” said Dyan Walsh, director of community services at the Eastern Area Agency on Aging. Walsh said ...

May 15,2013

Data Visualization: Addressing Data Overload With The Power of "Wow"

Center for Advanced Visualization; Brian Pagels, director of data services at Forum One Communications ...

Oct 02,2013

The DOCTOR Project Is...In

communicate with you? Were you able to interact well with the staff? These are all important questions that ...

May 21,2014

Care Transitions Gain Ground

to local hospitals. “We had some communication and some relationship, but it really was kind of a ...

May 07,2014

Small Providers, Better Diabetes Care

emphasizes care coordination and communication. PCMHs can result in higher quality, lower costs, and improved ...

May 07,2014

September 2014 | Forming Innovative Partnerships

greater communication that can ultimately help minimize fragmentation in care and reduce ...

Sep 09,2014

October 2014 | Payment Reform

multi-stakeholder organizations can take several steps to communicate more effectively and reach receptive employers ...

Oct 07,2014

Paving the Way to Payment Reform in New Mexico

communications. The plans will identify methods for engine testing, reporting, and modifications. Through careful ...

May 06,2013

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