SCPA Launches New Consumer-Focused Public Reporting Site

09 Feb 2012

Aligning Forces for Quality – South Central PA (AF4Q – South Central PA) launched its new website ( in an effort to provide more resources (videos, tip sheets, events, etc.) and easy-to-understand information that leads patients to become more engaged in their care, and receive the right care at the right time. AF4Q – South Central PA is one of 16 communities across the nation that’s focused on helping patients understand what high quality care is, and how to get it.

The new website is personalized, so patients can enter it through the “I’m a Patient” section and learn what an engaged patient means; download materials, such as what questions they should ask their doctors, or how to take medications safely; know what to look for to determine if they're getting the right care; and even determine if their doctor’s office is participating in the Community Checkup.

The Community Checkup is a feature offered on the website that includes newly released coronary heart disease care results for more than 50 health care practices in York and Adams counties. Patients can see how well York and Adams counties’ doctors’ offices, hospitals and patients are doing to help patients have control over their heart disease or diabetes. The data allows people to compare doctors’ offices and hospitals’ results relating to, but not limited to: blood pressure, blood sugar levels, LDL cholesterol levels, percentages of patients being prescribed a daily aspirin or aspirin alternative, percentages of patients having their body mass index checked and more. Patients can even compare York and Adams counties’ hospitals.

According to Chris Amy, Project Director for AF4Q – South Central, “Patients need to be able to make informed choices about their own care, and doctors need to know what they can improve upon. This data, as well as the new supportive materials available on the website, will help guide patients and doctors in that direction.”

While the main focus for AF4Q – South Central is individuals with heart disease and diabetes, the website applies to any patient.

“Improving a person’s care involves many different things – from understanding the condition and knowing how each medication impacts the person, to feeling comfortable enough to ask the doctor questions. The patient must be an advocate for their care,” stated Chris Amy, Project Director of AF4Q – South Central PA.

The site also contains valuable resources for doctors, community organizations, employers, and insurers. According to Amy, “Everyone who gets care, gives care and pays for care must be a part of improving the quality of health care in our community. It's a local issue; a national issue; it's everyone's issue. Therefore, we offer resources and opportunities for everyone on the website.”

Through the website, events, and its programs, AF4Q – South Central PA brings all of these groups together on a continuous basis to determine how everyone in the community can work together to address health care quality, access and cost in South Central PA.