Quality Field Notes: Public Reporting

18 May 2015
Quality Field Notes features key lessons learned by regional Alliances of clinicians, patients, and payers in Aligning Forces for Quality communities as they work to transform local health care and provide models for national reform. The latest topic in this series focuses on public reporting. The reports are important because they help patients make informed choices, and help physicians understand how to improve their performance. For the past eight years, Aligning Forces for Quality has pioneered the implementation of these types of organizations, and successfully transformed health care delivery systems, increased public reporting, and lowered costs in 16 communities across the country.
Two case studies highlight lessons learned from Aligning Forces for Quality communities:
In Greater Boston, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) created and launched its public reporting website, Healthcare Compass, in June 2014.
In Minnesota, Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM) developed a set of measures for diabetes care called the D5 , which illustrates the completeness of diabetes treatment. 
The entire suite of materials, including an issue brief, case studies, and an interview with Katrina Kahl, director of communications and marketing at Q Corp, is available on the RWJF site here or in PDF format here.