The Puget Sound Health Alliance Expands State-Wide

19 Dec 2013

The Puget Sound Health Alliance has a new name to reflect its broader reach across the state—the Washington Health Alliance. The Alliance will continue its work to track the quality of care at medical groups and hospitals. But now, for the first time, the Alliance will also track county-level data for the entire state in its 2013 report. The goal is eventually to track detailed, hospital-level data for the whole state.

The Washington Health Alliance serves to build a strong alliance among patients, doctors, hospitals, purchasers, health plans, and others to promote health and improve quality and affordability by reducing overuse, underuse, and misuse of health care services.
The Alliance plans first to engage directly with a few communities around the state to learn more about the work being done and discuss how the Alliance and its mission can support local efforts underway. Over time, the Alliance plans to roll out medical group and clinical-level reporting statewide. Once a benchmark is established, the Alliance can initiate a discussion about performance and how to improve the quality of care for all Washingtonians.

The Alliance’s expansion reflects its successes over the past nine years. In addition to its new name and logo, the Alliance has a brand-new website at