The Definition of Doctor Insanity

02 Dec 2014

Phil Baty is a family doc. His patient, Rick, is a 62-year-old Bible-carrying truck driver with multiple health problems. Baty has been his doctor for 22 years. In the past, his visits have been spent dealing with the latest health problem, rather than managing all his chronic conditions. Now, with new tools like care managers, his practice can be proactive and review cases. His practice now has evidence-based practices and clear targets. Baty is achieving the “quadruple aim”—the triple aim plus the added benefit of doctors feeling a little bit less insane. Baty was able, for the first time, to help Rick bring down his blood sugar, blood pressure, and improve his depression. West Michigan’s COMPASS program helps Baty help his patients.

Phil Baty, MD, is a primary care physician with Mercy Health Physician Partners in Grand Rapids.