National Meeting, November 2011 (Washington D.C.)

November 2011 National Meeting of Aligning Forces for Quality
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Agenda and other general materials:

Thursday, November 10th


John Lumpkin, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), Anne Weiss, RWJF
Bob Graham, George Washington University (GW)/Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) National Program Office

Opening Plenary: Information-Insights-Action: Bringing Scale to Health Care

Thomas Goetz, executive editor of Wired and author of The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine.
For more information visit The Decision Tree blog

ALIGN: concurrent breakout sessions


Payment/Incentives Track:
Aligning Payment Reform Agendas and Perspectives Across the Payment Landscape
Bob Graham, GW (welcome and introduction) bio
Michael Bailit, Bailit Health Purchasing bio | presentation
Bob Parrish, West Michigan Alliance bio
Kalahn Taylor-Clark, National Partnership for Women and Families bio
Jay Want, Improving Value in Healthcare bio | presentation

Payment reform affects stakeholders - providers, purchasers, consumers - in different ways. In this session, panelists discussed the pros and cons of different types of payment models and examples of existing models. The session focused on how to engage various stakeholders in a constructive dialogue and how to gain collective buy-in for payment reform efforts. In small groups, participants discussed which payment model(s) they have found most attractive and steps they could take in their communities to generate support for payment reform.

Cost Track:
Stakeholder Perspectives on Addressing Health Care Costs
Mike Painter, RWJF (welcome and introduction) bio
Andrew Webber, National Business Group on Health (moderator) bio
Kathy Hutcheson, South Central Pennsylvania Alliance bio
Vince Kerr, United Health Care bio
Karthik Shyam, AIR bio | presentation
Barbara Tobias, Cincinnati Alliance bio

Panelists shared their different perspectives on why it is important to control costs and increase the value of health care spending. The session featured the strategies employers, health plans, and consumers use to reduce costs and promote the value of health care.

Care Across Settings Track:
Aligning Stakeholders: How to Connect the Dots
Susan Mende, RWJF (welcome and introduction) bio  
Jane Brock, Colorado Foundation (overview) bio | presentation

This session focused on a community approach to improving care across settings. Participants heard examples of how principles of commons management have been applied to reduce readmissions in work done by quality improvement organizations (QIOs) around transitions in care. The goal of this session was to identify strategies to promote cooperation among stakeholders for quality improvement across multiple settings of care. Small group discussions focused on building relationships and potential solutions to resolve competing or conflicting agendas/perspectives.


Luncheon Plenary: Let Patients Help: Engaging the Ultimate Statekholder
e-Patient Dave deBrokart, was diagnosed in January 2007 with Stage IV, Grade 4 renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) at a very late stage.  His median survival time at diagnosis was just 24 weeks; with tumors in both lungs, several bones, and muscle tissue, his prognosis was "grim," as one web site described it.  He received great treatment at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is completely well.  Anaccomplished speaker and writer, Dave is actively engaged in opening health care information directly to patients on an unprecedented level, thus creating a new dynamic in how information is delivered, accessed, and used by the patient.  In 2009 he was co-chair of the new Society for Participatory Medicine, and in 2010 left industry to devote himself full-time to transforming health care as a consultant, blogger, and speaker. Visit e-Patient Dave's blog here.
ACCELERATE: concurrent breakout sessions

Payment/Incentives Track:
Accelerating Your Work: Overcoming the Big Barriers to Payment Reform
Jay Want, Improving Value in Healthcare (welcome and overview)
Facilitators: Chuck Alston, MSL
Tanya Alteras, NPWF
Michael Bailit, Bailit Health Purchasing
Nikki Highsmith, CHCS
Jennifer Stephens, AIR
Kalahn Taylor-Clark, NPWF
Jessica Waddell, AIR

MATERIALS: Case studies   

Participants engaged in this interactive session with expert facilitators on case studies that allowed them to explore real world challenges to payment reform. Participants brainstormed potential strategies and solutions to the different scenarios in the case studies. The case studies spanned the continuum of situations found within communities and provided participants with opportunities to discuss a variety of strategies and approaches to planning and implementing payment reform efforts in their communities.

Cost Track:
Practical Solutions to Accelerating the Value Equation
Francois de Brantes, HCI3 (welcome and overview)
Facilitators: David Ahern, HITRC
Elizabeth Bailey, HCI3
Dianne Hasselman, CHCS
David Schneider, AIR
Karthik Shyam, AIR
Kirsten Sloan, NPWF
Jennifer Sweeney, NPWF

Materials: Case studies

This session offered a real opportunity to “roll up your sleeves” and puzzle through a complex problem that gets to the heart of the matter; that is, after you have identified the opportunities to reduce costs for a particular disease or condition, how do you address these opportunities? Attendees were seated at tables with people from different communities and stakeholder perspectives and participate in a facilitated discussion based on case studies designed to explore real world challenges to reducing costs.

Care Across Settings Track:
Moving to Action: Accelerating Your Work
Jane Brock, Colorado Foundation (welcome and introduction)
Chad Boult, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (overview)
Facilitators: Brian Austin, MacColl
Kristin Carman, AIR
Darren DeWalt, IPIP
Jen Powell, IPIP
Dale Shaller, Shaller Consulting Group
Lee Thompson, AIR

Materials: Case studies

During this session, participants learned about a variety of approaches to improving care across settings. The goal of the session was for participants to understand the essential components of an intervention as well as practical issues around implementation. Small groups discussed possible care across settings efforts and how they would work in different communities, including considerations of targeted population, necessary data sources, possible performance measures and potential funding sources. Check out the case studies they used for their discussion.

Friday, November 11th

ACHIEVE: Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Success comes, of course, from hard work—the kind you do every day in your communities and the kind you have been doing here in Washington, DC with experts and your peers this week. As we heard from Switch author Chip Heath at the May meeting, success also comes from identifying and assessing “bright spots,” successful moments or movements that can shine light on things that work, offer ideas for overcoming hurdles in our own situations, and provide inspiration. As our keynote speakers yesterday touched upon, bright spots can come in the form of different ways of sending messages or using different tools to change behaviors. No other situation will be exactly like yours, but all can offer inspiration to help you on the path to align, accelerate, and achieve.

The Bright Spots featured in this final breakout session come from within and outside of AF4Q. They are stories that are intended to inspire questions, provide thoughtful dialogue, and spur change.

Should you have been featured here? Let us know … we are already planning for the May meeting and are always pleased to feature your stories on the AF4Q website.

Payment/Incentives Track: Bright Spots
Katherine Browne, GW (welcome and introduction)
Cristie Upshaw Travis, Memphis Alliance (moderator)
Paul Brand, Employers’ Coalition on Health
Jeff Kamil, Anthem Care Management
Melinda Karp, Greater Boston Alliance
Dana Safran, BCBS Mass

Cost Track: Bright Spots
Cindy Keltner, GW (welcome and introduction)
Jim Chase, Minnesota Alliance (moderator)
Chris Amy, South Central Pennsylvania Alliance
Kelly Court, WCHQ
Sarah Gardner, Prodigy Health Group
Matthew Gigot, WCHQ

Care Across Settings Track: Bright Spots
Claire Gibbons, RWJF (welcome and introduction)
David Shute, Oregon Alliance (moderator)
Chad Boult, Johns Hopkins
P.J. Brennan, UPenn
Betsy Stapleton, Humboldt County Alliance
Chuck Baumgart, Presbyterian Health Plan

Closing Plenary

Mike Painter, RWJF (moderator)
Susan Mende, RWF
Jay Want (payment)
Francois de Brantes (cost)
Jane Brock (care across settings)
e-Patient Dave deBronkart

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