Diabetes Management Improves Dramatically in Cincinnati

14 Aug 2014
New data from the Cincinnati Alliance shows that diabetes management in the region has greatly improved since 2010. Thirty-five percent of patients with diabetes in the greater Cincinnati area are now in control of their disease, as compared to 29 percent in the previous reporting period. The six percentage-point change means 3,600 more Greater Cincinnati diabetes patients are managing their condition to optimal results. The measure looks at blood pressure, cholesterol, A1C, smoking, and daily aspirin use goals. Patients who achieve all five diabetes goals are considered in control of their condition.
The data come from 600 local primary care physicians participating in YourHealthMatters, a program of the Cincinnati Alliance that covers almost 60,000 adult patients with diabetes. About half of the primary care physicians in the community contribute to the public report. There are also cost implications to diabetes management as well. One large self-insured employer measured the annual cost of an employee with diabetes not in control to be $9,000/year higher than a patient whose condition is well managed. Using that figure, the latest improvement saved the community $32.4 million dollars in health care costs. 
“Diabetes control is significant because we know patients in control are living fuller, longer lives and are less likely to have complications such as heart attack, stroke, retinopathy, and lower extremity amputation,” said Barb Tobias MD, medical director at the Health Collaborative.
The results can be found on YourHealthMatters.org.