How to Give a Killer Presentation

Christmas trees, NASCAR slides, power posing—what are these things, andwhat do they have in common? They’re things you should use or lose to create amazing presentations, according to consultant and TEDMed trainer Denise Graveline. Most of us want to throw the kitchen sink at our audience, she said. We give them “Christmas trees”—slide presentations so loaded down with ornaments and whirligigs such as animation, videos, or cartoons that they’re almost too heavy to stand up. Graveline wants you to know you don’t have to tell your audience everything you know—you have to narrow it down. And you don’t have to thank everyone in a “NASCAR” slide—slides crowded with logos of sponsors, partners, etc. 
So, what should you do? “Lose the armor,” said Graveline. Toss the slides, pointers, and lecterns. They’re too easy to hind behind. Instead, try a “power pose” to build confidence—that is, a broad, confident stance you hold for a few minutes before you give your presentation. And ask yourself three questions while you’re building your presentation: 1) “What?”, 2) “So what?”, and 3) “Now what?” 
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