When the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) applied to join the Partnership for Patients (P4P) Hospital Engagement Network, it realized it would need to change the culture both at the leadership and front line staff levels to bring about the network’s required results. 

Hospital Engagement Networks (HEN) work to develop learning collaboratives for hospitals and provide a wide array of initiatives and activities to improve patient safety. They will be required to conduct intensive training programs to teach and support hospitals in making patient care safer, provide technical assistance to hospitals so that hospitals can achieve quality measurement goals, and establish and implement a system to track and monitor hospital progress in meeting quality improvement goals.

So, although the HEN contract application already outlines 10 focus areas, MHA decided to include both culture and TCAB (Transforming Care at the Bedside) in its contract. As it turns out, TCAB is the perfect methodology for meeting P4P’s goals, as all P4P’s measures fit into one or more of the four TCAB domains (safe and reliable care, patient-centered care, value-added processes, and vitality and teamwork).