Expand Tobacco Policy Outreach and Development to an American Indian Tribal Community in Minnesota

09 Jan 2012

This initiative, managed by MN Community Measurement and spearheaded by the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board (GPTCHB), will expand tobacco policy outreach and development to an American Indian Tribal community in Minnesota. GPTCHB will lead the development of an inventory of current tribal tobacco control policies, design training modules and technical assistance to tribal health departments to become certified in tribal tobacco control, implement the tribal tobacco policy toolkit, and conduct both the American Indian Adult Tobacco Survey and the Youth Tobacco Survey for Minnesota's White Earth Nation. The Alliance and GPTCHB will also partner with the Minnesota Medical Association as a part of the Tobacco Control Community Coalition to provide an expert medical perspective on the dangers of tobacco use, assist in developing culturally-specific public health messages and materials, and engage in limited media outreach and communications support.