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Materials from the Align | Accelerate | Achieve sessions for the Care Across Settings Track.  Includes handouts, presentation slides, and all other materials provided for the Care Across Settings Breakout Track at the November, 2011 National AF4Q Meeting held in Washington, DC.

Care Across Settings Track - Collection - November, 2011 National Meeting

Published: Nov 2011
Author: AF4Q
These Case Studies were used in the Achieve session at the November 2011 National Meeting.  These Case Studies include facts, things to consider, and questions for discussion regarding care ac...
Author: Marshall Ganz
Everyone has a voice, and learning how to exercise that voice to move others to action is an important skill.  Learn how to hone and develop this skill through this guide.
Published: 2010
Author: Marsha Thorson, Jane Brock, Jason Mitchell and Joanne Lynn
For the past decade, the high-quality, relatively low-cost health care delivered in Grand Junction, Colorado, has led that community to outperform most others in the United States. Medicare patient...
Published: Nov 2011
Author: Chad Boult
Learn about the success of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in regards to their Guided Care program through this Bright Spot brief.  
Published: 2011
Author: Chuck Baumgart
Learn about the success of the New Mexico Alliance in regards to Hospital at Home through this Bright Spot brief.  
Author: Betsy Stapleton
  Learn about the success of the Humboldt County Alliance in regards to Consumer Engagement through this Bright Spot brief.  
Author: Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Ghided Care is a practical, interdisciplinary model of health care designed to improve the quality of life and efficiency of resource use for persons with medically complex health conditions. &n...