Wisconsin TCAB: "Quality Becomes Practical"

01 Sep 2011

“The beauty of TCAB is that quality becomes practical in the hands of the bedside nurses who are given the tools to conduct small tests of change, then adapt, adopt, or abandon those tests until an innovation becomes a new way of doing things,” according to Judy Warmuth, WHA vice president, workforce.

Wisconsin’s TCAB initiative launched March 23-25, 2011 with more than 130 participants representing 18 medical-surgical units from 16 hospitals.  TCAB is a nurse-led hospital program that engages frontline staff to work together to identify, pilot, test and adopt new practices over an 18-month period. Participating nurses will share their successes and lessons learned with other hospitals across Wisconsin and the country.  Wisconsin is the third AF4Q community to launch its own TCAB project.  “We are looking forward to seeing what innovative approaches our teams come up with through the TCAB experience,” says WHA’s TCAB Project Manager, Stephanie Sobczak.  “This will be a lot of fun while as the same time we will improve the quality and safety of patient care in Wisconsin.”