Health Information & the Law is a comprehensive resource of federal and state laws relating to the use and exchange of health information.  Constantly updated, the website offers descriptions and links to individual federal and state statutes and regulations, is searchable on a variety of relevant topics, and provides timely analyses of key health information law and policy issues.  It also allows user to see and understand the application of the law in their own geographic areas and how state law intersects with federal requirements and programs.  The scope of this project goes well beyond privacy and electronic exchange of information to encompass the many uses of health information to support key components of health system reform, including higher quality health care, more efficient care delivery, new payment models, improved care coordination, and patient and consumer engagement.


Sara Rosenbaum, JD
Jane Hyatt Thorpe, JD
Lara Cartwright-Smith, JD, MPH
Elizabeth Gray, JD
Taylor Burke, JD, LLM