Center for Health Care Strategies

The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) is a nonprofit health policy resource center dedicated to improving the health of low-income Americans.  CHCS works with state and federal agencies, health plans, providers, and consumer groups to advance models of organizing, financing, and delivering health care services.  CHCS facilitates problem-solving exchanges and peer learning among a diverse range of health care stakeholders to improve access, integrate fragmented services, reduce avoidable expenditures, and link payment with quality. Its work focuses on the following areas: (1) enhancing health care coverage and access; (2) advancing broad delivery system and payment reforms; and, (3) integrating services for people with complex needs.
CHCS provided technical assistance to engage Medicaid in the Aligning Forces for Quality Alliances initiative, with activities ranging from one-on-one technical assistance to group collaboratives. Topics included: (1) aligning regional efforts with state-level programs; (2) facilitating disparities-focused quality improvement interventions at primary care sites and Federally Qualified Health Centers; (4) supporting opportunities to target and address the needs of super-utilizer populations; and, (5) assisting alliances work on the federally funded State Innovation Models initiative.


Roopa Mahadevan
Tricia McGinnis