National Meeting Highlight Videos

05 Feb 2012

The Aligning Forces for Quality November 2011 National Meeting was held in Washington DC and was broken up into three distinct tracks: Payment, Care Across Settings, and Cost.  View video highlights on discussions and lectures below!  




Paul Brand, Employers’ Coalition on Health, discusses his organization’s efforts to engage providers in the PROMETHEUS Payment Model ®. (8 minutes, 16 seconds)

Jeff Kamil, Anthem Care Management, talks about his organization’s reference pricing initiative for hip and knee replacements. (9 minutes, 8 seconds)
Melinda Karp, Greater Boston Quality Coalition, discusses why involving the patient in payment reform initiatives is important. (14 minutes, 28 seconds)
Dana Safran, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts, shares how her organization’s Alternative Quality Contractor initiative is improving payment and outcomes in the state. (11 minutes, 54 seconds)

Reducing Readmissions/Transitions of Care

Chad Boult, Johns Hopkins University, discusses a program to provide better care across care settings for seniors with chronic conditions. (4 minutes, 9 seconds)
P.J. Brennan, University of Pennsylvania, explains a program that tracks patients once they leave the hospital in an effort to reduce readmissions. (8 minutes, 7 seconds)
Betsy Stapleton, Community Health Alliance of Humboldt-Del Norte, discusses why the consumer voice is needed for improving care transitions. (12 minutes, 40 seconds)
Chuck Baumgart, Presbyterian Health Plan, talks about a program in Albuquerque in which seniors are given the opportunity to continue their care at home, instead of the hospital. (10 minutes, 9 seconds)


Chris Amy, Healthy York County Coalition, talks about improving primary care quality as a means to reduce hospital readmissions and health care costs. (10 minutes, 55 seconds)
Kelly Court and Matthew Gigot, Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality, discuss the Collaborative’s value metric for diabetes care as a way to reduce costs. (9 minutes, 6 seconds)
Sarah Gardner, Prodigy Health Group, shares how her organization used data to set reference prices to lower health care spending among plan beneficiaries. (10 minutes, 33 seconds)