May 2014 FAQ

The following are frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about AF4Q National Meetings. This page will be updated regularly to reflect questions posed to and answers by the National Program Office events team. If you cannot locate the answer to your question, please email us at

For your convenience, we have grouped questions into the categories below:

REGISTERING back to top

When is the last day to register for the national meeting?

April 14, 2014.

What do I need to do on the registration form?

Most important, check that your name, title, organization, photo, and email address are accurate–we use this information for your name badge, participants’ list, and emails to keep you informed.  We also ask each attendee to answer at least one of the two questions.

What if I have food allergies?

Please note any food allergies on your meeting registration form. We will work to accommodate your needs.

What if I have problems registering?

Email our team at

How do I take advantage of the two free consumer slots for my team?

The National Program Office will cover travel and expenses for two consumer attendees from each Alliance.  As a reminder, these slots are reserved for attendees who meet the definition of an AF4Q consumer (individual consumer or consumer representative).  Please contact Deborah Roseman ( if you have questions about whether a particular individual meets the definition before extending an invitation.

What is the time commitment for consumer attendees?

Consumer attendees will arrive in San Diego on Tuesday, May 6 so they can participate fully in the consumer meeting on Wednesday, May 7.  Consumers will depart Friday, May 9, or Saturday, May 10, depending on travel needs.  Submit each name, role/affiliation, email address, and phone number to and by March 4.  We regret that the NPO will be unable to cover expenses for individuals who do not meet the AF4Q consumer definition.

Can the consumers on"scholarship" just buy their own plane tickets?

The NPO prefers to work with your consumers to purchase their flights directly, primarily because the process for reimbursement through the GWU system (where the NPO is housed) can take from six to 10 weeks, and in practice has sometimes taken as long as six months.  Our team will work closely with our guests to get them the flights they prefer.


Where can I find the agenda?

Check out the meeting page on our website. 

What should I wear?

We recommend business casual attire and flat shoes, as there will be walking. Please bring a sweater or jacket, even if outside temperatures are high, as meeting space can get chilly and temperatures can vary dramatically between rooms. This is a function of the hotel and not something we can usually control.  Bring casual, comfortable clothes for the Thursday evening event, which will be held outside.  Again, flat shoes are recommended.

Do I need to bring anything to the meeting?

Bring what you need to be comfortable. Please note there is no place to store laptops or other personal items, so you should keep them with you at all times.

How do I get up to speed before the meeting?

Check out our meeting page, where we will post information on speakers, background materials, and other interesting and helpful items. You will also get periodic emails from our team with announcements and updates. 

Do I have to talk at the sessions?

No, but we welcome your voice whenever you feel comfortable adding it.

FOOD AND FUN back to top

What happens on Thursday night?

Thursday night is the networking event for our meeting.  Join us on Paradise Cove for a beach soiree.  Wear casual clothes and sandals or flip-flops. 

Do you provide breakfast?

We provide a hot breakfast both mornings, open to all registered attendees.

Do you provide vegetarian options?

Every meal will include vegetarian options. Please note food allergies on your registration form so we can accommodate them.

Can we bring spouses, children, friends, or guests?

We appreciate that San Diego is an appealing destination but hope you can take this time to engage with and dive into the substantive meeting sessions we have prepared for you.  Our recommendation is that if you want to enjoy the property with family and friends, you do so before or after the meeting.  The hotel has agreed to extend the room rate for three days after the meeting (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), based upon room availability.  Availability is not guaranteed.

If I bring someone anyway, can they come to the meetings or the evening event?  Can they come grab breakfast off the buffet?

Unfortunately, no.  Should you choose to bring guests with you, please be aware that this is a business meeting of Aligning Forces for Quality, and as such, meeting sessions are for registered attendees only.  This includes the evening event, which is a networking event for attendees.  We have budgeted for this event only for registered attendees, and we are holding the event to facilitate networking and building business connections.  We regret we cannot accommodate guests, spouses, or children.  The hotel does offer babysitting and some daytime activities for children.  For details and costs, visit the hotel website.  We cannot accommodate children at sessions or the evening networking event.  We appreciate that some people like to bring guests or family with them to these events.  Please note that this is at your own personal expense: AF4Q cannot cover any expenses for these guests, including meals, travel, or transportation.  This includes food and beverage provided to meeting attendees in breaks, at meals (whether buffet or plated), and at social events.

Can I bring my pet?

Paradise Point welcomes "petite, well-behaved" dogs under 15 lbs.  You can review the policy and cost for this on the hotel's website.  Please be aware that we cannot accommodate pets at business meetings or any AF4Q events.


How do I keep the conversation going after the meeting?

Follow the progress of your peers on our website at, sign up for our free email newsletter, and join the conversation on Transformation Has Begun, a unique Facebook community launched by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

We also recommend Twitter as a great way to stay current with program-level developments. Follow the National Program Office here.