Breathe In, Breathe Out: Asthma Ready

02 Dec 2014

More than 7 million children live with asthma in the United States. As a school nurse, Lizzie Cockrell has seen children struggle to control their asthma symptoms. One of her students, Judy, darkened the doorstep of the health room often.  “Recess, PE, health—she was spending those times with me in the health room,” said Cockrell. Looking for answers and help, Cockrell remembered the Asthma Ready Program and used its tools and guidelines to coordinate among Judy’s family and her doctor to assess control of her asthma. Judy’s story is one that “encompasses many.” The Asthma Ready program works; it helps kids get healthy and stay that way.

Lizzie Cockrell is an Asthma Ready-certified school nurse at Davidson Elementary School in Kansas City, Missouri.