Who's Doing the Heavy Lifting with Quality Information?

02 Dec 2014

Lisa Lamkins’ son is obsessed with two things: weight lifting and his cystic acne. Lamkins went to the Internet in search of a quality weight-lifting bench and a good dermatologist. Which task do you think was simpler? Lamkins likened her experience in searching for a dermatologist to her experience as a consumer representative with the Wisconsin Alliance. During meetings, acronyms flew right over her head. She advocated for easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-interpret health information. Consumers too often have to do the heavy lifting in assessing health care quality choices. But now, because of Lamkins and others like her, that is improving in Wisconsin.

Lisa Lamkins is the advocacy director with AARP Wisconsin and is a consumer representative to the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality.