Key Drivers Scorecard: Economic Viability

This scorecard outlines key indicators to assess the strength of a collaborative’s economic viability. The scorecard can be used to assess performance across each of these indicators and identify areas in need of focus, and can serve as an evaluation tool for funders seeking to measure the health and potential sustainability of a collaborative.


Core Economic Viability Indicators

Optimal State of Indicators

Financial performance goal-setting


Financial goals have been developed based on data and are both actionable and realistic for the effort. Goals are regularly refined and are used as a management tool for achieving desired financial outcomes.

Financial performance management


Financial performance management tools have been developed and are used to regularly track and report financials.

Revenue forecasting


Forecasting system has been developed and is used with a high degree of accuracy in projections.

Cash flow


Cash flow is consistently positive each month, with 5-6 months cash on hand.

Reserve funds


Reserve account is in place and is rarely drawn upon in cash crunches.

Revenue diversification


Revenue streams are diverse, with multiple funders across different sectors; processes are in place to monitor and address imbalances as they may arise. The loss of any one funder or revenue stream might decrease profitability in the short term but would not have significant impact on the effort.

Earned revenue


Assets are being monetized to the fullest extent through earned revenue sources. Clear revenue and social impact goals are in place and are regularly met or exceeded by all sources of earned revenue.