“At a Buffet, Everything Tastes Like Pancake Syrup.” Lessons for Consumer Engagement from a Bed and Breakfast

02 Dec 2014

John Gallagher of the Washington Alliance owns a bed and breakfast, and, according to him, “it’s all about the breakfast.” Three things go into both a great breakfast, and, surprisingly, a consumer engagement campaign: 1) testing everything first; 2) serving it in courses; and 3) making it really enjoyable. First, make sure you’ve tested everything, from recipes to messaging, before putting them out there. Secondly, at the B&B, John serves dishes in courses so they’re memorable; the same can be said for consumer messaging campaigns. Gallagher recommends “bite-sized pieces” of information. And, finally, no one needs another lecture on exercising. Make your consumer engagement campaign fun! For example, “We know you’re healthy as a horse, but what kind of horse?” 

John Gallagher is the director, communications and development, with the Washington Health Alliance.