Humboldt's Two-Tiered Initiative to Reduce Readmissions

21 Feb 2013

As part of the Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) initiative, the Humboldt County Alliance has developed a two-tiered approach to reducing readmissions. The method incorporates both a traditional strategy to reduce readmissions using Eric Coleman’s Care Transitions Program and a more customized approach targeting high-risk, hard-to-reach patients through its Intensive Transitional Services component. The Alliance’s readmissions efforts are led by the St. Joseph Health System-Humboldt County, a two-hospital provider in the community. “Reducing readmissions requires examining what your community looks like, what your resources are, and what you can do to serve your population,” said Tory Starr, regional director of case management & Care Transitions, St. Joseph Health System-Humboldt County.  

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