Get Vertical: And Don’t Take Back Pain Lying Down

12 Jan 2012

"For people with the most common type of low back pain, imaging tests don’t give doctors much information that’s useful for diagnosis or treatment and a non-prescription pain reliever is the best choice if medication is needed. Despite that, 2010 data shows at least 26 percent of Oregonians who received care for a new episode of simple low back pain received an imaging test and approximately 15 percent filled prescriptions for narcotic pain relievers within 90 days.

A new campaign launched as part of the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation’s Partner for Quality Care initiative is educating people with low back pain on how to get the right care when they need it, while also staying active and avoiding unnecessary care that doesn’t improve their health.

The campaign is based on a recently released State of Oregon Evidence-based Clinical Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of Low Back Pain and includes a consumer booklet and interactive, online quiz to help people with low back pain take simple steps on their own to feel better." Excerpted from the Press Release found here.

Take the Interactive Quiz or Find Out More Here.