Engaging Patients in Improving Ambulatory Care

22 Mar 2013

Patients are the heart of any primary care practice. Patients and practices share a mission to improve patient health—a mission in which both parties play indispensable roles. Three AF4Q Alliances (Humboldt County, Maine, and Oregon) have developed a compendium of resources that details the implementation of patient engagement strategy. The toolkit provides case studies and insights into patient recruitment and training, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and developing a sustainable structure that fosters ongoing, productive relationships. The compendium is accompanied by video segments, which offer lessons and tips for effectively engaging patients in improving care. These three communities were among the first in AF4Q to implement this kind of patient engagement strategy on a broad scale, but others are following suit, and all are finding success and positive response, leading them to expand their efforts.

See the Patient Engagement Toolkit here.