Core Competencies: Management

From the outset, the NPO recognized the need for a robust and flexible internal infrastructure to manage multiple levels of interaction—with the foundation; Alliance grantees and stakeholders; experts assisting Alliances in achieving their goals; and outside entities poised to learn from AF4Q. The infrastructure supported the NPO in several key roles: communicator, convener, and coordinator.

Communicator: The NPO communications team directed and managed both internal and external communications, including meeting planning, website and social media management, and products. Strategic external communication mechanisms allowed for community leadership engagement and involvement, as well as facilitation of cross-site learning.

Convener: The NPO planned and ran multiple in-person meetings for community staff and stakeholders. Face-to-face interaction was an invaluable aspect of the program and one that allowed for the development of deep connections and real movement on programmatic goals.

Coordinator: The NPO coordinated interactions between multiple AF4Q delegations, including community staff and stakeholders, technical assistance providers, RWJF staff, and external stakeholders. These relationships required a strategic approach in order to ensure effectiveness and accountability.