About This Collection

The Reducing Readmissions team is creating a compendium of the tools and resources for hospitals to use to standardize and monitor the collection of REL information. These resources are showcased on the Reducing Readmissions website for other hospitals to review and adapt for use in their own institutions.

Please send your REL collection materials and tools to hqn-readmissions@forces4quality.org. We would like to include tools from hospitals of all shapes and sizes in order to provide a wide range of applicable resources for your hospitals!  

Compendium of REL Tools and Best-Practices

Published: Sep 2012
These Best Practice Guidelines for the collection of patient race, ethnicity and lannguage (REL) information were developed by Cincinnati Expecting Success (CES): Race, Ethnicity, & Language Da...
Author: Lanitra Harris
We use this document to compare the number of patients we registered to the number of patients who had an REL element missing from their record. It shows the % we missed and the % collected.&nbs...