CEO Champions Wellness Program is Winning Over Maine

13 Aug 2013
CEO Champions, a competitive wellness program in Maine, is gaining momentum. Spearheaded by Nancy Morris, communications and member services director of Maine Health Management Coalition, the program uses a top-down approach. Set up as a team competition, leaders from local organizations work with employees and community members to create the healthiest and most wellness-friendly workplace.
“The competitive nature that these CEOs have really makes things happen,” said Morris.
With funding from AF4Q, CEOs and their teams have regular access to wellness expert Phil DiRusso, who helps them accomplish their goals and troubleshoot any technical issues. Using the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) Scorecard evaluation, they will be judged on the how much improvement their organizations achieve in one year. Teams also get points for assisting each other. Each team takes a pledge to complete three goals:
1. Institute a wellness program at their place of business.
2. Find and mentor another CEO in the second year of the program.
3. Provide financial assistance to a school’s wellness program also in the second year of the program.
The initiative was featured in an article “Disruptive Innovators: CEO Champions” on Healthcare Finance News’ website. The program will also be featured on Healthy Business Radio. Morris will be discussing lessons learned and successes achieved with the strategy to gain CEO support and involvement. 
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