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Innovative Technology Improves Interpreting Service Efficiency

for language services are made. The interpreters take cases from a digital queue while the ... full-time dispatcher and allows Interpreter Services to respond to all language requests within 10 minutes. ... and the interpreters."   (Equity, Improving Language Services, Health Information ...

Jan 09,2012

(Language Services) ... providers. Content details the impact of health care processes when language barriers are not addressed. ...

Aug 01,2011

Language is the Heart of Patient Safety

language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk him in his own language, it goes to his heart.””  Moe Rustom is the director of clinical language services at Oakwood Healthcare System. (Equity) ...

Dec 02,2014

Inclusive Procedures…Huge Impact

quality patient care.  (Equity, Improving Language Services) ... preferred written language for health care information. All registration and admitting staff have been ... not always speak and read the same language, Tufts Medical Center added this question to better meet ...

Sep 07,2011

Discovering and Filling Gaps

language services processes were hardwired, but discovered there were gaps – especially when it came to communicating the patients’ preferred language to clinical staff. In addition to making changes to their ... Wed, 2011-09-14 (All day) Before the AF4Q Language Quality Improvement ...

Sep 14,2011

AF4Q’s Diverse Hospital Network

teaching hospitals in Kansas City, Boston, Albuquerque and Oregon. (Hospital Care, Improving Language Services, Increasing Throughput, Reducing Readmissions, Language Services) ...

Aug 18,2011

Simple Questions, Better Care

services," said Martinez-Davis. "There are many patients who do not speak English as a first language ... (Equity, Improving Language Services, Language Services) ... language preferences can feel awkward for busy hospital registration staff, but Cincinnati-area hospitals ...

Jun 04,2014

Interpreters Bring Washington Hospital Closer to Peak Performance

HQN Improving Language Services program addresses this issue and focuses on the provision of qualified ... all LEP patients are supported by qualified language services providers.  In under six months, ... all patients who needed support.    (Equity, Improving Language Services) ...

Sep 07,2011

Standardizing the Collection of Race, Ethnicity and Language Data

The standardization of patient race, ethnicity and language (R/E/L) data collection is ... order to make all the necessary changes to collect—and use—standardized race, ethnicity and language data. Download 4. Race, Ethnicity Language Categories ...

May 24,2012

Quality = Equality

ethnicity and language data collection.  The national program office has trained over 400 individuals in collecting standardized data based on what the patient self-reports. (Equity, Improving Language Services) ...

Sep 07,2011

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