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Taking it to Scale: If? When? How?

products and services to the same customers, or perhaps to different geographic regions. Taz Hussein of The ... and ultimately build economic improvement. Dawson recommended using objective, data-driven decision ...

Feb 11,2014

How Health Care Costs Affect Small-Town Living

about the overuse of unnecessary medical services, met at a meeting of MQC last year, and L’Heureux ... improve health care for its residents here . ...

Feb 11,2014

Lessons Learned

innovative efforts to control costs and monitor over- and underuse while advancing improved quality. They are ... different areas, such as costs and utilization or rates of procedures, services, and products. Alliances ...

May 14,2015

Assessing a Market for Readiness

as they seek to improve care. Employers can provide needed leverage to engage those stakeholders ... prescription benefit managers, or health plans that employers contract with for services. In many markets, ...

May 14,2015

Health Insurance Exchanges

and state based), and the state exchange system interfaces with the federal data services hub. All ... hasn’t worked well as a marketplace for controlling costs and improving quality and that health care ... quality improvement with cost reduction,” said Tuckson. “Cost is the crux."     ...

Jun 06,2013

Paving the Way to Payment Reform in New Mexico

of a grouping of related health care services. “The intent of the system is to improve or maintain ... Albuquerque Alliance to bring in the national experts from Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, Inc. ... will start in 2015. The systems will be actively in place, and the coalition will focus on improving ...

May 06,2013

Bridging the Gap: Health Care and Population Health

models have been a barrier to population health. We need a portfolio of interventions to improve pop ... convening stakeholders when attempting to improve population health. Doing so can help identify and spread ... Jackson, director of the Dallas region for the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), told ...

Oct 22,2013

Full Agenda - November 2012

The AF4Q Alliances have made incredible inroads in improving the quality of health and ... for interested AF4Q consumers about evidence-based guidelines around preventive health care services ... Quality Improvement and Payment on the Road        to Big Impact 10:00 am - 10:15 am: Break ...

Oct 23,2012

Because Every Patient Counts

risk officer.   The initiative emphasizes one Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ... moved on to measures for the surgical care improvement project, pneumonia, and acute myocardial ... units, to help the staff achieve the goal of 100 percent compliance with the surgical care improvement ...

Dec 19,2012

Step By Step: Creating A Pathway To Better Health

chronic conditions manage their own care more effectively. To improve overall health and reduce costs ... improvements in managing their health conditions. Our Pathways to Health continues its relentless quest for ... began tailoring its services for veterans, senior groups and homes,and the visually impaired. ...

Dec 05,2012

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