About This Collection

These tools were developed by Bay Area Hospital.

  • Heart Failure Discharge Planning Algorithm – This tool, in use by Bay Area Hospital, was developed to assist in making appropriate follow-up appointments as well as referrals for those patients identified as Moderate-Risk or High-Risk for readmission.  The tool outlines Low, Moderate, and High Risk criteria for Heart Failure patients, then assigns appropriate discharge orders to follow for each category. 
  • Discharge Planning Chart Stickers – This tool, in use by Bay Area Hospital, is used in conjunction with the Heart Failure Discharge Planning Algorithm.  Once the patient is classified as Low, Moderate or High Risk, this chart sticker is used to facilitate communication around discharge planning between discharge nurses and physicians.
  • Live Well and Live Strong with Heart Failure—This brochure, used by Bay Area Hospital, is given to patients/family upon discharge.  It provides education about Heart Failure, diet and exercise tips, as well as a “Heart Failure Zone” tool to educate patients about when to seek medical attention after discharge.

Bay Area Hospital Tools