Alliance Return on Investment Projects

As noted above, AF4Q Alliances implement a range of consumer engagement approaches—in fact, since consumer engagement spans multiple levels, a single Alliance often implements multiple activities. To quantify costs and benefits or calculate ROI, however, the elements must be specific and identifiable. Thus, each of the seven ROI assessments focused on a specific activity.

Cincinnati, OH:  The Cincinnati Alliance assessed the ROI for payers for Make the Right Call, a social media-based campaign focused on reducing avoidable emergency department (ED) visits by encouraging individuals to visit a primary care provider for their nonemergency health needs.

Greater Boston, MA: Massachusetts has one of the oldest statewide patient experience survey initiatives. The Alliance conducted a cost-benefit analysis of 10 different scenarios to examine the initiative’s long-term sustainability.

Humboldt County, CA: The Humboldt Alliance developed an ROI assessment for Pathways to Health, the local implementation of the Stanford model chronic disease self-management program.

Maine: The Maine Alliance sought to develop a comprehensive consumer engagement curriculum. The Alliance investigated stakeholders’ willingness to pay for such a program.

Memphis, TN: The Memphis Alliance performed a cost-benefit analysis of its patient coaching program for patients with diabetes.

South Central PA: The SCPA Alliance compared practices that incorporate Patient Partners into quality improvement teams with practices that do not. 

Washington: The Washington Alliance investigated the ROI for employers who participate in its Own Your Health campaign to educate employees about health and health care.