Many organizations, including multi-stakeholder groups such as the Aligning Forces for Quality Alliances, are working to improve consumer awareness of and interest in health care quality and motivating providers to improve through publicly reporting on quality measures. An important component of ambulatory quality reports are patient experience measures derived from the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS). CG-CAHPS patient experience measures complement clinical quality measures to present a more comprehensive picture of how well medical practices are providing patient-centered care. Publicly reporting such information can highlight high-performing medical practices and reveal significant opportunities for improvement. Behind these valuable public reports are numerous analytical decisions that influence what can be reported and how results can be presented. The purpose of this guide is to discuss some of the considerations that go into analytic decisions so CG-CAHPS Survey sponsors and their community partners can hone in on the issues they need to address and weigh their options given their shared goals and constraints.