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Aligning Forces for Quality is, at its heart, about innovation. the communities and people who engage with this unique program are nto only open to new ideas, but also enthusiastic to find them; not only willing collaborators, but also eager to build strong partnershps; not only the most created scientists, but also determined to experiment until the answers become clear.

There is no recipe for success in improving health care quality, but the Aligning Forces communities and others engaged in this work are creating a roadmap, one that points out both areas to avoid and areas worth a harder look.

The bright spots featured here are illustrative of thet type of ground level innovation and experimentation going on everyday, in ways big and small, where change can be measured and assessed in real time. Both sparks of success and hard lessons learned offer important guidance.

They don't begin to cover all that we have learned, but they begin to light the way.

AF4Q Bright Spots - Resource Collection

Author: AF4Q National Program Office
From airline checklists to agricultural cooperative extension centers, those working to improve the health care system are taking and adapting enterprising improvement approaches developed ...
Author: AF4Q National Program Office
With a firm belief that only cooperative relationships among employers, health plans, hospitals, and providers can produce positive and progressive changes in healthcare at the local level,...
Published: Nov 2011
Author: Anthem Blue Cross
  Learn about the success of the Humboldt County Alliance in regards to Value Based Purchasing (Reference Based Pricing) through this Bright Spot brief.
Published: 2012
Author: AF4Q National Program Office
Employers have critical knowledge and experience in benefit plan design, wellness programming, process improvement, and waste reduction, but getting them involved in AF4Q can be problematic. ...
Author: AF4Q National Program Office
In the current health care delivery system, care often seems fragmented, as though various providers and patients are all working in separate silos, with limited communication. The care any...
Author: AF4Q National Program Office
  When Universal Primary Care (UPC) needed to transition to a new electronic medical record (EMR) system at the same time they were starting to work on NCQA Patient Center Medical Home ...
Published: May 2012
Author: AF4Q National Program Office