How do I make sure consumer efforts and activity are meaningful?

AF4Q has several benchmarks you can use.

In multi-stakeholder organizations, meaningful consumer engagement (CE) is a set of practices established to activate consumers in all aspects of a project’s design, governance, implementation, and evaluation.
Consumer Recruitment. Networking and knowledge of local health care players are key to recruiting. Orient new consumer representatives with thorough onboarding materials and match them to roles that suit them. 
Strategic Planning. Identify goals and activities for consumers that map directly to AF4Q’s broader goals. Consider how to integrate consumers into all projects. One idea is to form a Consumer Advisory Council
Relationship Building. AF4Q relies on multi-stakeholder collaboration. Articulate the value of consumer engagement to all parties; Alliance “Bright Spots” are a good example. Find opportunities to partner a consumer with another leader to work together.
Meeting Facilitation. Make sure meetings count by including time on the agenda for the consumer perspective, avoiding interruptions, and sticking to the agenda.
Support and Retention. Increase the number of consumers in your organization, build their capacity, and secure long-term commitment by: (1) educating them thoroughly about AF4Q, from mission to organizational structure and procedures; (2) employing every communication channel you find effective (such as calls, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter); (3) educating them on the issues (such as quality or benefit design); (4) seeking opportunities for them to participate, from governance to public outreach; and (5) asking for feedback through the Consumer Engagement Survey
Evaluation. Evaluate CE effectiveness by: (1) documenting details of consumer activity, (2) collecting stories, (3) conducting exit interviews, and (4) summarizing successful models of engagement for other Alliances.