How do I incorporate consumers into my leadership team?

Make roles clear and be persistent.

You know well that the perspective of consumers is critical to Alliance success and understand how health care quality depends on the involvement of all parties. Below are some ways you can ensure consumers are fully integrated into your leadership team.
Equip. Prepare materials to help “onboard” (orient) consumers. The onboarding toolkit introduces your organization, makes the case for quality improvement, defines roles and responsibilities, and includes background materials. 
Ensure Equality. Ensure proportionate numbers of consumer leader members. Consumers can’t be a meaningful part of your leadership team without clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and rights. A governing document should highlight each member’s role (and vote) equal to that of others. Discussion should be free of jargon. All members should be addressed in the same manner
Showcase. Highlight the experiences, achievements, and viewpoints of consumers on your leadership team in venues including your website, meeting agendas, AF4Q materials, interviews with journalists, etc. 
Create a Consumer Advisory Council. If you don’t have one already, consider adding a council, board, or body to your Alliance governance to help shape and advise on AF4Q initiatives. Alliances have adopted Consumer Advisory Councils, Consumer Advisory Boards, Consumer Engagement Taskforces, and Expert Panels to serve in various capacities.