Patients Benefit From Becker Clinic's Push on Diabetes

06 Sep 2011

In 2008, CentraCare, a clinic in Becker, Minn, was not pleased with its percentage of patients who were receiving optimal care. Just 5% of their diabetes patients were receiving proper care as outlined by state guidelines. The scores, created by the Minnesota Aligning Forces for Quality Alliance, MN Community Measurement, evaluate doctors, care facilities, and hospitals on a variety of indicators of good health, including the number of people who successfully manage their diabetes condition. These scores were released for just this purpose: benchmarking the current state of care in a region, in order to show room for growth. Just two years later, the very same clinic, proved the value in measurement and reporting and became the second highest scoring care facility in Minnesota for diabetes management. MN Community Measurement’s efforts, at the cutting edge of measurement and reporting initiative in Minnesota, have made a real impact in the quality of care given by this clinic; and in the very lives of those people who receive care here.