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Improving Care Through Screening and Public Reporting

Measurement & Reporting ... Colon, Cervical Cancer Screenings in 2013   (Equity, Measurement & Reporting) ... reporting member organizations. The ultimate goal is a 70 percent or higher screening rate for all patients. ...

Jul 31,2014

Memphis’ Breakfast Club: Comparing Quality

Hospital. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us.” Soon, the first report showing data around specific interventions matched with collective blinded data will be released. The report is designed to be provocative and motivating to Memphis hospitals. “Our hope is that all boats will rise with this report—it’s not ...

Oct 30,2013

Addressing Health Disparities

2002 report “Unequal Treatment” catalogued consistent evidence of disparities of care provided in the ... to stratify both ambulatory and hospital care performance measures. If outcomes are different, then ... Equity report show disparities in care between African Americans and other racial groups in Memphis. The ...

Aug 07,2013

Diabetes Management Improves Dramatically in Cincinnati

Measurement & Reporting ... . (Measurement & Reporting) ... percent in the previous reporting period. The six percentage-point change means 3,600 more Greater ...

Aug 14,2014

Crafting a Measuring Stick For Health Care Costs

Cost & Efficiency Measurement & Reporting ... Read more .   (Cost & Efficiency, Measurement & Reporting) ...

Aug 14,2014

How 10 High-Achievers Do It in Minnesota

Measurement & Reporting ... percent.   Read the entire article here . (Ambulatory Care, Measurement & ... providers. Reporting measurement results to MNCM is driving this quality improvement.   For ...

Aug 22,2014

AF4Q Oregon's Public Reports Now Include Medicare Data

Measurement & Reporting ... provider performance.   (Measurement & Reporting) ... leader of the AF4Q Oregon initiative, recently released the nation's first public reports on the ...

Sep 05,2014

Collaboration and Connection: Improving Care Across Settings in Aligning Forces for Quality Communities

Registration Link: ... Report lessons and strategies from implementation that inform the business case for TCM ...


Reducing Readmissions October Quality Forum - Building the Foundation to Measure and Monitor Equity

href="">here. ...


Improving Language Services October Quality Forum: Ring of Knowledge

one (1) successful change related to the L2 measure and select hospitals will present their slide ... href="">Recording available


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